Golden Ratio Museum
God's Signature
Our Project
The Golden Ratio has been exciting the minds of great mathematicians, artists, architects, designers, musicians and just curious people for centuries. Today, many people have heard about the “Golden Ratio”, but it is not so easy to connect many disparate elements into one overall picture.
The purpose of our museum is not just to tell interesting details about the “Golden Section”. We want to give our visitors a general, holistic picture of a single concept – what exactly is the “Golden Ratio”. What role does the “Golden Ratio” play in our lives, and in the life of nature and the universe? And why the “Golden Ratio” we can observe in completely different corners of nature, starting from our universe, man, and ending with a seashell, or cones in the forest.
The amazing harmony of the
Golden Section is simply amazing!
At first glance, it is completely illogical. It is all the more surprising that such, at first glance, illogical harmony is found in various elements of nature around us. And although the principle of the “Golden Section” in many cases has its own functionality, it is of important practical importance – often the “Golden Section” has only an aesthetic nature, indicates harmony, or is simply a standard of beauty.
We are deeply convinced that the “Golden Ratio” is the signature of the Creator, which he left in many elements of his creation. That is why the full name of the museum is:
“The Golden Ratio is the signature of God.”
The purpose of the museum is not only to provide extensive and fascinating knowledge about the “Golden Section”, but also to draw attention to who is the Author of the world around us. And the “Golden Ratio” is a vivid reminder of who created all this. The presence of the “Golden Ratio", and any of its manifestations, whether in a mathematical formula, or in a geometric figure, or in perfect proportion, etc., is irrational (not logical), and cannot be an accident. Accordingly, any manifestation of the “Golden Ratio” indicates the common handwriting of a single Author, the Creator of our world.
The “golden Ratio" is a conventional name for a lot of complex parameters, ratios, and proportions. In the past, when talking about the “Golden Ratio”, different people in different countries used a variety of terms and names. It is believed that the term “Golden Ratio” was coined by Leonard da Vinci. Anyway, the term “Golden Ratio” has become the most widely used, easily recognizable and familiar to most ordinary people.
Nevertheless, both today and in the past, many other names of the “Golden Section” can be found, as well as related manifestations, such as:
/ /  The Golden proportion
/ /  The Golden ratio
/ /  The divine proportion
/ /  Divine symmetry
/ /  Harmonic proportion
/ /  Archimedes' Spiral
/ /  The Fibonacci sequence
For many years, our team has been researching the “Golden Section”, all related topics and many nuances. It was also important for us to structure all the information and put it into a general concept. At the same time, we will try to get rid of speculation and “junk” information, which unfortunately often “clogs” the essence and meaning of the “Golden Section" today.
As a result, the natural desire was to share all this information with everyone. Given the value and importance of this information, we considered that the most appropriate format for consecrating the theme of the “Golden Section” is to create a museum where permanent exhibitions would be presented, accessible to both a wide audience and interesting for narrow–profile specialists.